Heineken Cares

Local Sourcing

We endeavour to source as much as possible of our raw materials locally, optimizing the environmental, economical and social impact.

Sustainable Agriculture

We endeavour to secure a sustainable supply of raw materials, in the right quantity & quality, at acceptable costs.

In order to secure the supply of high quality maize in sufficient quantities, BRALIRWA and Minimex established a joint venture company, BRAMIN, which undertook a project to grow maize locally. BRALIRWA contributed 250 ha to the joint venture company. The maize growing project was supported by the State of The Netherlands, which funded EUR 495,000 out of the total project budget of EUR 825,000. The project also served to stimulate high yield maize growing in Rwanda to decrease imports and support agricultural development in the country.

Corporate Social Investment

Charity is also a crucial component of the Company’s CSR program. BRALIRWA is involved in a number of charity projects and some of these include:

  • Annual maintenance of the Rwandan Genocide Memorial garden;
  • Engaging in tree planting initiatives - for instance the “Tree planting at school” project (since 2007), undertaken by the Company in which it participated in Rwanda’s re-forestation programme, and promoted environmental protection amongst school children;
  • Offering support to local schools. The Company built a primary school close to the brewery in Gisenyi to which employees’ children and children living near the brewery could attend. This initiative helps in supporting the Government priority of national education. Furthermore, in its support of education, the Company is investing RwF 250 million in a secondary school in Rubavu, in the neighborhood of the brewery.
  • The Company has undertaken a euro 600,000 malaria mosquito net project that is supported by the Heineken Africa; and
    Fund. The project is aimed at participating in the country’s effort of curbing malaria prevalence in Rwanda and creating
    production capacity and capabilities to produce mosquito bed nets in Rwanda.


The Heineken BRALIRWA’s General Manager, Sven-Erik PIEDERIET, and the company’s head of the medical department Mr. Jean Pierre Kabalega, display samples of the mosquito nets.

In line with its mission and core values, BRALIRWA Ltd focuses on continuously on improving healthcare for its workforce and external community by undertaking various initiatives.

Fighting the threat of HIV/AIDS is a priority for BRALIRWA Ltd. The Company put in place a comprehensive HIV/AIDS workplace program providing preventive and curative services to 3000 people, including current employees, dependants and retired employees. More than 95% of the beneficiaries have done a voluntary HIV test. The program is currently in place and has generated visible tangible results. At the Heineken Global Medical Conference in September 2010, in Johannesburg – South Africa, The Heineken International Health Affairs awarded BRALIRWA Ltd with the 2009-2010 Medical Award. The Heineken Medical Award is a recognition of the head of the Medical department and his team for strong commitment and a high performance in executing the HIV program.

BRALIRWA Ltd supported by the Heineken Africa Foundation, provided financing to a local company, UTEXRWA, with € 600,000 to produce 140,000 malaria mosquito nets. Under the arrangement, UTEXRWA will deliver the mosquito nets to BRALIRWA Ltd, which in turn will be donated to the Ministry of Health to distribute to the local communities.

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14th August 2014 - The Management of BRALIRWA Ltd announce First Half Year 2014 Results  Read more>>


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