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Kigali, December 9th, 2011 - The Bralirwa Ltd Board of Directors announces that Mr. Sven-Erik PIEDERIET, Bralirwa Ltd Managing Director, has decided to leave Bralirwa Ltd and the Heineken Company effective 16th January 2012. Mr. Sven-Erik PIEDERIET will become the CEO of Salentein Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, responsible for the three business units of the company (fruit, wine, agriculture). Although it has been a very difficult decision for Sven, the job offers a unique career opportunity in his family’s home country that was too good to turn down.

Mr. Sven PIEDERIET has been Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since June 2011. Prior to this position, he was respectively Bralirwa Ltd General Manager as from January 2009 and Finance Director as from 2007. Before his arrival to Rwanda, Sven held various senior management positions within the Heineken Company in the Netherlands, Panama and Egypt. Under his strong leadership, Bralirwa Ltd performance has significantly improved in all areas and on all key metrics, relationships with external stakeholders have been established and notably improved, while maintaining its leading market position despite increasing local and regional competition.

Succeeding Mr. PIEDERIET, the Bralirwa Ltd Board of Directors announces the appointment of Mr. Jonathan HALL into the position of Bralirwa Ltd Managing Director, effective from January 16th, 2012.
Mr. Jonathan HALL is 59 and holds a Masters Degree in Modern History and a MSc in Ag Economics from Oxford University in the UK.  

Mr HALL was the Managing Director of the Heineken subsidiary Windward and Leeward Brewery in St. Lucia. Prior to his last position, he held various senior management positions in the Asia Pacific and Western Europe regions. Mr HALL is bringing a substantial and solid experience from which Bralirwa Ltd will further strengthen its leading position and performance.

“I take this opportunity to wish the best to Sven with whom I had the great pleasure to work for the past four years. Throughout his successful career at the Heineken Company Mr. PIEDERIET has always made a significant contribution and positive difference to our business. Under his strong leadership as Managing Director and General Manager he has significantly improved Bralirwa’s performance and substantially increased shareholder value. Sven has played a key role in converting Bralirwa Ltd in a modern, dynamic, consumer-oriented, high-performing company, listed on the Rwanda Stock Exchange, with a solid strategy to continue its growth and value creation. Furthermore, Sven has made relentless efforts to make Bralirwa Ltd a socially-responsible corporate citizen. On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank Sven for his dedication, passion and his professionalism. We also take this occasion to welcome Mr. Jonathan HALL to the Bralirwa Ltd family and our wonderful country Rwanda. We are confident that he will bring the best of his experience and motivation”, said Mr. Jean-Paul van HOLLEBEKE, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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Jonathan HALL - career highlights


Heineken NV (1997-present)

2007- Present : Managing Director, Windward and Leeward Brewery, St Lucia, West Indies

2003-2007 :      Marketing Director, Heineken Ireland

2003-2004 :      Project Manager, Brewery Project in Puerto Rico (9 months)        

2000-2003  :     Marketing Director. Pt Multi Bintang, Jakarta, Indonesia

1997-2000  :     Group Marketing Director, Asia Pacific Breweries, Singapore

Pre Heineken employment


1993-1997 :     London International Group -General Manager, Jakarta, Indonesia
1988-1994 :     British Petroleum-General Manager, BP Solar, Jakarta Indonesia (90-94), Pakistan (89-90)
1986-88     :     ICI Agrochemicals, Africa
1979-1986 :    In Africa: CDC, OXFAM/WFP, International Red Cross and Deloittes. In East and Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, East Africa and SADCC countries, Sudan).

1974-78     :   City of London- Investment


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